Soil and olive grove - Aceites Melgarejo

Tierra y olivar

On the edge of the Jaén countryside, the olive groves of the Melgarejo family extend in the heart of the Sierra Mágina Natural Park, an olive-growing region par excellence in the province of Jaén.

This protected area of ​​rugged rock formations and little traveled, is home to the highest peak in the province. This park also has an important historical load since it served as a border between the Arab and Christian kingdoms during the 13th – 15th centuries.

Circumstances, all of them, that have made it possible to maintain the natural and scenic environment in perfect condition.

The quality of the oil produced in this land of Jaén has its origin in the variety of altitudes, terrain and microclimates of the natural park, which favors the optimal growth of the different types of olives.

Its unique natural conditions, together with its history and customs, make these Andalusian mountains a privileged enclave for the cultivation of olive trees and for the production of the most exquisite oils in the world.

Melgarejo condenses the olive essence of one of the most emblematic areas in the production of oil, with a tireless effort to care for each olive tree and the selection of the best fruits, turning each bottle of olive oil into a true reflection of the fragrance. and the taste of the countryside.

“A very particular way of conceiving extra virgin olive oil”