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Afán por descrubrir

Innovation is one of the fundamental pillars on which the Melgarejo project carried out by the last generation has been consolidated.
To this day, Melgarejo is one of the most innovative and rigorous companies implementing research and development projects in each of the stages of the cultivation and production process of extra virgin olive oil.

This effort has been consolidated in an exponential improvement of the sensory and healthy quality of the oil.
It has been the passion for our land that has led this team of experts in sensory analysis to deepen their knowledge of the rhythms of nature and the essential physical-chemical elements that make up each variety of olive.

As a result of this ambition for knowledge, an important background is obtained that has allowed Melgarejo to identify the nuances of flavors and extraordinarily different aromatic ranges that each olive variety presents.

A distinctive factor that marks the choice of one or another type of oil for each moment and that prompted Melgarejo to launch the first range of virgin olive oils in which each product is especially suitable for a type of consumption.

A range of perfect combinations that shows the unsurpassed sensory quality of extra virgin olive oil, together with the conviction of making always the right choice.

“Unique culture based on the continuous search for excellence”

Innovation is one of the fundamental pillars on which the Melgarejo project has been consolidated. It has been carried out by the last generation.