Family tradition - Aceites Melgarejo

Tradición Familiar

I. The centuries-old tradition of a family business

The origins of the olive production of the Melgarejo family in Jaén date back to the 18th century, when the foundations of a meticulous way of making oil began to be laid, characterized by good work, innovative will and observation of the field day by day.

here is evidence that, in those days, the ancestors of the Melgarejo Family produced and traded with olive oil, enjoying a good reputation in the region.
This activity has transcended up to the present time, through the five generations that form the Melgarejo genealogical tree.

Since then and until now, a solid growth has been produced thanks to the union of tradition and innovation, the incorporation of new varieties of oils made in renowned olive growing areas of Jaén and the high level of demand that has marked the trajectory of the last Melgarejo generation.

“A great family of five generations dedicated to olive oil”

II. Excellence around the principle of technological renewal.

Modernization and technological renewal have always been linked to the way of acting and conceiving the olive-growing project of the Melgarejo family. A bet decided by the incorporation of the most innovative production systems of each era to the good practices in the field.

This legacy begins with the ancient stone mill and that reaches our days presenting the most modern techniques for obtaining the highest quality oil available today.

This long journey has translated into an important level of knowledge and experience that, together with the persevering search for the maximum expression of oil in all its dimensions, constitutes the essence of Melgarejo.

“A story of enthusiasm and effort”

III. A broad horizon of the olive project

The current owners of Melgarejo combine tradition and change, marking a turning point in the way of cultivating, collecting, selecting and producing demanding extra virgin olive oils.

They define the future strategy of the oil mill, highlighting the importance of research and development processes in the improvement of extra virgin olive oil both at a sensory and nutritional level.

A new business project adjusted to two fundamental axes: the achievement of the highest quality of the products as a guarantee element in the different harvests, and the detailed study of the behavior of the different varieties of olives to always extract the best oil.

With numerous international awards and consumers around the world, the future looks promising and successful.

“Melgarejo, recognized as one of the great oils in the world”