• Bottle 375ml

A tailored oil

This plurivarietal Oil comes from selected fruits in order to get an extra virgin olive oil with a smooth character and intense fragrance. This Oil is sold in 375ml glass formats, capacity that makes it ideal and versatile in any culinary use. Amazing flavor and aroma, that all consumers, including those who are new to the consumption of extra virgin olive oils, could enjoy.

Selección de variedades

Olive Groves: El Cuchillejo y San Luis.
Region: Jaén (Andalucía).
Variety: Picual, Hojiblanca y Arbequina.
Harvesting System: Mechanical means.
Extraction System: Two phase continuous system.
Storage: Stainless Steel tanks with nitrogen.
Aroma: Medium fruity of green olive and ripe banana peel, almond, tomato plant, sweet and pleasant after taste.
Flavor: Complex and sweet with hints of bitter and pungent but barely perceptible. Fresh aftertaste of fruit and olive leaf.
Pairing: Salads, potatoes and pasta.
Bottles per case: 15

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Sensory graph of 10.


  • los_angelesMedalla de Oro – Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition (Los Angeles –USA) Frutado medio
  • japonMedalla de Plata. Olive Japan. International Olive Oil Competition. Japón
  • 3 Estrellas. Das Gemussmagazin Selection. –Alemania
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