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Conoce Premium Aceites Melgarejo

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Melgarejo

The “Melgarejo” Extra Virgin Olive Oil is considered as one of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world by expert tasters of the strictest panels.

The deep knowledge of the product and its development, as well as a passion for offering exceptional quality extra virgin olive oils to exquisite palate, have made the dream come true.

Currently, Melgarejo contributes to the socio-economic and cultural development of this region. They are a team of highly qualified experts who combine innovative technology with a real respect for tradition and history.

All their products, from the most basic ranges to the Premium oils- made of different olive varieties, are recommended for any culinary project, obtaining dishes with a healthier and enriching character in every way.

The development, commitment, enthusiasm for a well done job and the passion which they produce their oils with, have made Melgarejo to be rewarded with numerous awards at the most prestigious national and international olive oil contests.

Always looking forward, with a strong commitment and concern for research, development and innovation, they are permanently improving the quality of their oils, trying to give the most effective service to their customers. Now, their products are offered through this website, with a fast and effective answer, making it convenient, from the mill to your door anywhere.